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The Primavera helmet revives a legendary past and represents the birth of the new NZI Helmets by Hess Design brand. Its design and functions cite and reference the famous Vespa 50 Special, the style icon of the 1970s. The minimalist aesthetics of the Primavera are reminiscent of the scooter’s legendary designs.

Metal Pink

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Our Primavera jet helmet complies with the ECE/UN R 22.05 standard, so its homologation certifies higher safety levels.

It has an impact-resistant thermoplastic casing or calotte.

Its micrometric retention system is easy to use even when wearing gloves and guarantees safety and an adjustable grip.

In addition, its expanded polystyrene protection absorbs impact energy through deformation.

Style and inspiration

The design of our Primavera helmet is inspired by the classic jet helmet.

Perfect for everyday use

Manufactured with safe but lightweight materials. It is small and very comfortable.

Visor top

Its viewfinder rotates up to 180 degrees. It is flexible and resistant.

For non-conformists

You will be able to change the screen easily thanks to its magnetic system.


The front part of the Primavera with its dynamic lines and air inlets and the rear part with the metallic air outlets generate a constant air flow that ensures ventilation.

With its light and ventilated design, you will never feel a sensation of being weighed down.

It is a very small, light and comfortable helmet, ideal for everyday use.


The viewfinder rotates up to 180 degrees.

It is ready to be exchanged for different types of visors in shapes and shades that can be put on without tools in just one second thanks to its patented magnetic system.

The screen has anti-scratch coating on both sides to increase its durability and ensure visibility while driving.

The visor is also flexible and shatter-resistant.

Variety is the spice of life

Get to know all the variants of Primavera

Size guide

Get it right the first time!

Size Housing Size Perimeter
54 cm.
55-56 cm.
57 cm.
58 cm.
59 cm.

Choosing your helmet size is something simple but complex at the same time, how to buy a helmet without trying it on? Very easy, it is as simple as taking the measurements and placing the order with the exact measurements to avoid surprises, however if you have problems when you receive it, please contact our team and we will manage the size change.

To choose the size of your helmet you should take measurements of your head circumference. Approximately 2 cm above the eyebrows going all the way around. If you are in doubt between two sizes, always choose the one that fits you best, as helmets tend to give way on the inside as time goes by.

The first change of size in our products is included, as sometimes there are times when measurements are not taken correctly or not taken and the helmet that arrives is not the right one for the user. If you take the right measurements of your head we are sure you will get it right the first time.

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