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Doing a ton was English slang to describe someone driving at a speed of 100 mph or more. Tonup is a small, homologated, lightweight helmet for those who make motorcycling a way of life. A Nugema® thermoplastic helmet. Fair protection and maximum comfort renewed.

Bandi Musgo & Pistacho
Boss Gold
Tank Bone
Bello Pearl White
Chica Bonita
Ride Free
Matt Black

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From 139,99 

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Housing or calotte made of Nugema®, a thermoplastic alloy with greater impact resistance and durability. This mixture shows a synergistic effect resulting in excellent impact resistance at low temperatures.

Nugema® thermoplastic has excellent toughness at all temperatures, making it ideal for a product that will withstand a wide range of temperatures during its service life.

Superior protection for your head.

Daily use

Tonup is a jet helmet designed to be worn on a daily basis.

Find your style

Elegant, casual, discreet, eye-catching? choose your favorite design!

Comfortable and safe

Designed to offer the best comfort without sacrificing maximum safety.

Versatile and functional

You can optionally use it with a screen or visor.


The extreme lightness of this model together with its studied ergonomics favor its use.

It takes up little space, is easy to remove and put on, and does not feel cramped.

Its interior is removable and washable.

Light weight, great comfort.


Housing or calotte with a wide front opening that ensures a wide viewing angle. A strap at the back secures the attachment of optional glasses.

This helmet is prepared for attaching a universal visor that will prevent sun glare or a visor that can be used even in cold weather or at certain speeds without the risk of impact to your face.

Variety is the spice of life

See all Tonup variants

Size guide

Get it right the first time!

Size Housing Size Perimeter
54 cm.
55-56 cm.
57 cm.
58 cm.
59 cm.

Choosing your helmet size is something simple but complex at the same time, how to buy a helmet without trying it on? Very easy, it is as simple as taking the measurements and placing the order with the exact measurements to avoid surprises, however if you have problems when you receive it, please contact our team and we will manage the size change.

To choose the size of your helmet you should take measurements of your head circumference. Approximately 2 cm above the eyebrows going all the way around. If you are in doubt between two sizes, always choose the one that fits you best, as helmets tend to give way on the inside as time goes by.

The first change of size in our products is included, as sometimes there are times when measurements are not taken correctly or not taken and the helmet that arrives is not the right one for the user. If you take the right measurements of your head we are sure you will get it right the first time.

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