SINCE 1983

About NZI

NZI Helmets is a leading brand in the world of road safety and personal protection. Founded in 1983 in Spain, NZI has stood out for its commitment to innovation, quality and cutting-edge design in the manufacture of motorcycle helmets.

The history of NZI Helmets is rooted in the passion for motorcycling and the constant search for excellence in rider protection. Since its inception, the company has been dedicated to developing advanced technologies that ensure maximum safety without compromising comfort and style.

NZI’s line of helmets offers a wide range of options to meet the needs and preferences of all types of motorcyclists. From high-end full-face helmets to more urban and casual designs, NZI has an option for every style and activity.



One of NZI’s hallmarks is its focus on research and development. The team of engineering and design experts work tirelessly to create helmets that meet and exceed the most stringent global safety standards. In addition, the brand works closely with professional and amateur riders to obtain valuable feedback to help them improve and refine their products.

In addition to its dedication to safety, NZI Helmets also stands out for its aesthetic design and collaborations with renowned artists and designers. These helmets not only protect, but also express the personality and unique style of the wearer.

Committed to the environment

Sustainability is another essential aspect for NZI Helmets. The brand strives to use environmentally friendly materials and responsible production techniques to reduce its ecological footprint. In this way, they seek to contribute to a more sustainable and secure future for all.

With its unwavering commitment to safety, design and sustainability, NZI Helmets has established itself as a trusted brand and reference in the world of motorcycle helmets. Whether on city roads or on the most demanding circuits, NZI is present, protecting motorcyclists and accompanying them on every adventure on two wheels.